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Influencer marketing has become one of the most powerful marketing strategies. According to various studies, most people prefer to buy products that celebrities recommend. Be it selecting stocks for investment, cosmetics, or even the best school for kids, consumers go with the recommendations of influencers. 

Using this marketing approach has helped various companies improve their sales figures. If you have yet to implement this approach to promote your product or content, you will want to learn about its benefits and how to do it correctly.

Influencer Marketing for Search Engine Optimization Vs Social Media

The first question you should ask is what is influencer marketing? In the context of search engine optimization (SEO), influencer marketing aids in the acquisition of more high-quality links. On the other hand, if you use this marketing strategy on social media, you will receive more engagement in the form of likes, comments, retweets, and shares. 

Influencer marketing for both social media and SEO leads to increased traffic to your site and an extensive list of quality leads. Such a type of marketing for SEO can be performed via guest blogging. For social media, you have a plethora of options such as collaboration videos, podcasts, webinars, interview sessions, and so on. 

How does influencer marketing impact SEO? 

One of the most effective methods of content distribution is through influencer marketing. It helps your site get more clicks, more quality leads, longer session times, and more high-quality links. Let’s look at an example.

Assume you own a clothing store and have just introduced a new summer line. You approach a well-known fashion designer in your country for promotion. On social media, that designer has millions of followers. When that influencer writes about your store, their followers will rush to your website to learn more about your product and brand. They will spend more time on your website looking through the products. And if your site is well-optimized, the chances of visitors converting to loyal customers increases.

Ways to Collaborate With Influencers

1) A Simple Mention 

A simple mention of your favourite industry influencer in your content allows for collaboration. You only need to mention a few slogans or thoughts from their recent interviews or webinars in your content. Once your content has been published, make an effort to notify them. There is a good chance they will be persuaded to promote your brand.

2) Contributor Quote 

Influencers enjoy being featured via contributor quotes. When creating content, connect with your favourite influencer and find out if they would like their opinion to be included. If they agree, ask for a precise quote. Don’t be uncomfortable briefing them on the subject and informing them of the publication deadline.

3) Blogger Outreach    

Blogger outreach refers to an SEO practice in which you contact industry influencers via email or other channels, put your material in front of them and convince them to post on their site. It’s also a great way to get links from valuable websites and raise brand awareness among your target audiences.

4) Expert Roundup

Roundups are not very common, but they surely are the best form of content to drive traffic. You can reach out to various experts from your industry and request them to provide their opinions on the topic that is trending most in your industry. Once you receive the answers, draft their views as a single article or piece of content and publish it. 

5) Dive Deep Interview 

If it looks difficult to convince an influencer to write a guest post, request them to answer a few relevant questions. Such interviews can be conducted via email or a podcast. And if they are comfortable and allow you to record, then a video session is the way to go. Such interview posts have an ximmense potential to build relationships.

Powerful Ways Influencer Marketing Boosts Your SEO

1) Helps to build quality inbound Links 

Inbound links are one of the most vital ranking factors. When you obtain links from high-authority sites, the likelihood of your SERP position improving is high. You are probably wondering how influencer marketing strategy can help here. Nowadays, most influencers run their website, and if not, they surely have access to several high domain score websites.

As a result, when they create content and hyperlink to your Web page for reference, it indicates to the site user that you are an industry expert. This will lead to more clicks and quality leads. You can then work on converting those leads into paying customers. 

2) Helps provide fresh and unique content 

Authentic and up-to-date content is critical for SEO. It gives your website an air of authority. It can also assist you in obtaining more links from sites with high domain scores.

With up-to-date and original content in hand, you can approach influencers and ask them to promote your brand in the way they see fit. These influencers may provide you with a one-of-a-kind story that you can use to create your content and promote it through them. You can work with influencers to run a creative content campaign, social media campaign, and so on.

3) Increases reach and engagement 

You may have experimented with several methods of promoting your content across various platforms. However, the most effective method is to distribute content through influencers. Let’s assume you own a clothing store and use social media and blogging platforms to increase your sales. Collaborating with a well-known fashion expert in your country and convincing them to speak or write about your brand will bring unexpected traffic and engagement to your site or post?

According to various data sources, influencer marketing increases conversion rates tenfold. Furthermore, approximately 20% of female buyers purchase products recommended by influencers.

4) Leverages the long-tail search gains 

It may surprise you to learn that long-tail phrases account for 70% of all searches. In fact, it is also important in influencer marketing.

Remember that every industry influencer with a website ranks for a variety of long-tail keywords. These keywords may or may not be highly competitive. When choosing an influencer for your marketing campaign, don’t just look at their face value. Do a keyword analysis to find out if the long-tail keywords on which they are ranking are relevant to your field. Once you are aware of the long-tail keywords, plan your tutorials, interviews, blogs, or podcasts with them.

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5) Increases social traction 

One of the most effective ways to increase engagement is through social sharing. If you do it correctly and your posts are compelling enough, your followers are likely to share your post on their channel. What is the role of influencer marketing strategy in this scenario?

Influencers are seen as industry experts. When you post their content on your channel or request them to write a guest post for you, the chances of external sites linking to your content are high. As time passes and your site receives more external links, search engines will recognise it as a site that has authority. The scenario will undoubtedly help you climb the rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs).

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